How to claim your 10% discount at Micmar outlets


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July 21, 2022

Building a home can feel overwhelming - we’re trying to lessen the burden

Since we launched Rivuuz in late 2020, several homeowners across Lusaka have turned toRivuuz to book reliable construction service pros across several service categories, from repairing and remodelling to roofing and tiling. We have been happy to serve you all with our mission of creating a hassle-free construction experience in Zambia.

Our offer to you just got sweeter because we are now partnering with Micmar Zambia - who has 30 years of selling quality hardware and building materials to homeowners and contractor - to bring you the convenient combination of hiring high-quality, vetted service pros and purchasing your building materials from Micmar's wide range of high-quality hardware products.

What does this mean for you?

As a valued Rivuuz customer, you will now have access to Micmar's over 8,000 products and building supplies for a FLAT 10% OFF whenever you hire a Rivuuz Pro for a construction job on our platform.

With this offer, if you require the services of a pro and materials for a job, you can get it all done conveniently and make a saving in the process. Amazing right?

All you have todo is to book your next pro on our platform and claim your discounts at any of Micmars 3 outlets in Lusaka with the unique code you will be given. 

Your 10% discount can be claimed at any of Micmar’s three (3) stores in Lusaka, that is Lumumba, Cha Cha Cha and East Park outlets. Once the new Micmar Woodlands store is opened in few months, you will also be able to claim your discount in that outlet


How to get your discount voucher

It’s easy-peasy, all you have to do is:

Step 1: Visit our website or contact us on 0977673403 and book a Rivuuz Pro for a construction job

Step 2: Meet, discuss and choose to hire your Rivuuz Pro

Step 3: Make a downpayment to your pro via Rivuuz


And voila, in 3steps, you become eligible for the 10% discount and we give you a physical discount voucher that you can use at any Micmar Lusaka store

Important - each discount voucher has a one-time use only. Once you claim it on one purchase, it cannot be reused. To get a new discount voucher, you will need to come back to Rivuuz and book a pro again for your next construction job.


How to redeem your discount voucher

 This part is super easy as well:

  1. Walk into any Micmar store in Lusaka – that’s Lumumba, Cha cha cha, East Park and soon to be Woodlands
  2. Shop to your heart’s content and present your discount voucher at the till where your 10% discount will be applied


The Ts and Cs

The following terms and conditions apply to claiming your discount at any Micmar outlet.

The 10% discount cannot be applied to:

  • cement, steel, tile fix and roofing sheets
  • any items that are on promotion or on clearance sale items
  • credit or instalment-based purchases
  • other non-discountable items. This list changes constantly so you can check with us before going shopping if the items on your shopping list are eligible for a discount


Additionally, the following scenarios would not be eligible for a 10% discount

  •  If the value of your Micmar shopping basket is less than K700
  • When you hire a Rivuuz pro fora job that has a labour charge of less than K3,000
  •  If you hire a Rivuuz pro directly i.e. when you do not book through Rivuuz
  •  If you hire a Rivuuz pro but make payment directly to the pro and not via Rivuuz

If you have any questions about any of this, do not hesitate to contact us on +260 977 673 403 or via any of social media channels

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